Segway Tour Köln

Segway Tour Cologne - Audio Guide

For the participants of the "Classic Colonia Tour" we offer a new, very special service.

In order to receive entertaining information on all the sights during the Segway ride in different languages, there is now our "Segway Tour Cologne" audio guide APP for 4,99€, which was compiled by an experienced city guide. 

And this is how it works

1) Install the app "guidemate" on your cell phone. This can be found on iPhones in the "App Store" and on Android smartphones under "Google Play". Our tip: Install the app already at home or at a place with WLAN, so that no data volume is consumed for this.

2) Then simply open the app, a login is not required.

3.) Enter "Cologne" in the search and select the "Classic Colonia Tour" - easily recognizable from the Segway photo - in the results. Alternatively: simply scan this QR code and open it in the app.

4) Now select the desired language (currently the tour is available in German, Spanish, Dutch, English and French) and click on the "Download" icon.

5) For the tour, simply bring headphones and the smartphone on which the audio guide has been downloaded. When we get to a station, the audio guide will start automatically.

Try our tour audio guide for our classic cologne segway tour

With the overwhelming driving fun the Segway brings to each driver over the entire tour, the informative content of our city tours sometimes came too short. The unimagined mobility that everyone experiences on a Segway ride often made our guests so curious about these self-ballancing electric vehicles that there was little time left for the unique old town of Cologne with its enchanting history.

But now, every participant of our "Classic Cologne Tour" can learn exactly the information they want about Cologne's sights. With our audio guide, we entertain you on our Classic Cologne Segway Tour and offer interesting details about the highlights of the tour.