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Guided Segway Tours through Bonn

Segway Tour through Bonn

The former federal capital and today's federal city of Bonn shows its most beautiful side during our two-hour Segway tour.

Together we explore the Rheinaue - a 160-hectare recreation area with numerous attractions and sights -, pass the Old Waterworks, where the Bundestag once held its sessions, the United Nations Campus, Villa Hammerschmidt and the Chancellor's Bungalow.

On our tour we also cross the Rhine twice - great views of Bonn are guaranteed.

Hohenzollern Brücke

Bonn has a lot to offer! Discover with us the places where state guests from all over the world were received, where today the United Nations (UN) works, see buildings that you may only know from television, such as the Langer Eugen or the Posttower. No matter if it is your first visit to Bonn or if you are a Bonn lover: A Segway tour is perhaps the most beautiful way to explore the city or to see it from a completely different perspective.

The start of our approximately 120-minute Segway tour through Bonn is in Bonn-Oberkassel on Karl-Duwe-Strasse. In Höhede's beach club "Strandliebe" there is parking and space for our Segway briefing. Only when everyone is familiar with the technique and can safely control the Segway, we start.

Passing the Hotel Kameha Grand we reach the Beueler Rheinaue and ride relaxed on a well-developed bike path along the Rhine, so that we can enjoy the Bonn skyline with its striking buildings without cars. Of course, the guide will be happy to take photos of you on the Segway, so that you have a nice memory of this tour.

On the Kennedy Bridge - the middle of the three bridges over the Rhine in Bonn - we then cross the Rhine and have another great view from the bridge.

To this day, Bonn is the official seat of various offices, authorities and government institutions. For example, during the tour we see the Federal Court of Audit, the Federal Office of Justice and the Federal Cartel Office.

In a large park are the Villa Hammerschmidt, to this day the second official residence of the Federal President, and the Chancellor's Bungalow, where, among others, the Federal Chancellors Ludwig Erhard, Kurt Georg Kiesinger and Helmut Schmidt have lived. Particularly visible inside to this day is the personal taste of the last occupant: Helmut Kohl.

Then we arrive at the UN Campus, where more than 1000 employees of the United Nations work, especially in the environmental and climate fields. Until the move to Berlin in the 1990s, the Bundestag and Bundesrat met here, and the members of parliament had their offices in the "Langer Eugen" - a 30-story high-rise building.

We leave the former government district - and are suddenly in the middle of greenery. The 160-hectare Rheinaue is probably the most popular recreation area for Bonn residents. The entire area was developed for the 1979 Federal Garden Show, and today it is home to many recreational facilities and attractions. We pass, among other things, the idyllic Rheinauensee and the Bismarck Tower -- and then arrive at the Konrad Adenauer Bridge, which is named after the first Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany and spans the Rhine and its floodplains over a total length of 770 meters.

We cross the bridge back into Bonn on the right bank of the Rhine and our two-hour tour is slowly coming to an end. We glide the last meters almost silently to our starting point at Karl-Duwe-Strasse.

Then, with many impressions and (driving) experiences, it's time to get off the Segway: Dismount from the Segway. But it doesn't have to take long until the next Segway tour. We also have exciting tours on offer in Cologne, for example.

Segway Tour Bonn

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